Raspberry Ketones: Are they Effective? How to Use them Properly?

Nutritional diets prepared from raspberry ketone compounds are creating huge waves now-a-days. The ketones present in the diets have amazing properties of bringing about a reduction in the body weight. The diet improves your metabolism, lipolysis rate and enhances your cardiovascular system too. The diet comes in the form of capsules of 125mg strength. The recommended daily dosage of the supplement is 200mg per individual.

Raspberry ketones are a type of enzyme which is composed of phenolic compounds. This enzyme occurs naturally in berries and is the prime aroma compound of the red raspberries. The enzyme can be found in various fruits such as raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries.

Supplementary diets based on raspberry ketone compounds are gaining huge popularity worldwide because of its immense capabilities of reducing body weight. The diets are prepared solely based on naturally occurring ketones. The extraction of 100% pure raspberry ketone compounds is generally 1-4 milligrams per kilogram of raspberries. Since the natural sources have a low concentration of the ketones, many pharmaceutical companies tend to prepare it through different artificial procedures involving chemical intermediates such as acetone, sodium hydroxide, and 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde. The chemical processes yield 99% pure raspberry ketone through catalytic hydrogenation method.

Raspberry ketone diets also cause a reduction in the body weight by improving the lipolysis rate of the body. An enhanced lipolysis process in the body causes the conversion of the unsaturated fats into saturated ones. This process is very effective in weight reduction as saturated fats get burned off more easily and quickly releasing huge chunks of energy.

The benefits of consuming raspberry ketone supplementary diets are not limited only to the reduction in body weight. The supplement also ensures that there is no further accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. This is done by curbing down the hunger levels. Raspberry ketone can be very effective in suppressing the appetite of a person and thereby, diminishing those annoying hunger cravings. Frequent hunger cravings often result in unhealthy and untimely eating habits and this can gradually cause an increment in your body weight. The raspberry ketone diets can be very helpful in imparting a controlled appetite, decreased hunger cravings and healthy eating habits. Thus, the chances of any increase in the fat content of your body get easily subdued.